Samples and recommendations

Samples of my work are available on request.

I have edited almost all written forms – from simple emails to annual reports.  To date the bulk of my work has been preparing research articles and PhDs for publication.  Research articles are a particular challenge as they usually have multiple authors with very different English styles.

One high-point of my career was when a client’s opponent at his disputation opened his remarks by congratulating my client on the readability of his thesis, just as I came into the hall.  My client saw me come in and gave me a little bow of thanks.

Here ( you can see I am an accredited collaborator of the Center for Implant and Radiostereometric Research Oslo (CIRRO) at Oslo University Hospital, with whom I have worked since 2010.

Over the years I have also worked for EVRY on three extremely large IT-services tenders.  Each project involved over a month of onsite work, with extensive overtime.

You can also read more about me (including recommendations) here: